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ASP.NET Hosting with us will be easy as we provides control panel where you can easily set and customize IIS, or Database configuration from a single control panel. Forget about daunting task where you need to rely on IT Administrator to configure IIS for you. With a control panel that is designed to make ASP.NET hosting simple and uncomplicated, you can rely on yourself to tweak Web server configuration. Help is always there if you needed. Our 24/7 Customer support is always ready and happy to serve you.

ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) Profiles

What is ASP.NET (Active Server Pages)?

ASP.NET is one of the Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology (ASP). ASP.NET is a part of the Microsoft .NET framework, and a powerful tool for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. provides the maximum ASP.NET features for a minimal monthly price. Whether you are a serious seasoned Microsoft .NET developer, migrating from ASP to ASP.NET, or learning ASP.NET – our ASP.NET web hosting platform is perfect for hosting ASP.NET driven web applications.

Microsoft Active Server Pages enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive by embedding scripts, i.e. either VBScript or JScript. ASP.NET hosting pages with the file extension .ASP.NET are processed on-the-fly by the web server and any browser can render ASP.NET pages as the resulting output is standard HTML.

ASP.NET Implementation

  • Platform Active Server Pages will run on Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 with Peer Web Services, and Microsoft Windows 95 with Personal Web Server. Windows NT 3.51 is NOT supported. Windows NT 4.0 on MIPS is also not supported by ASP.NET.
  • Security Active Server Pages is a component of Internet Information Server, and thus uses Windows NT Security. ASP.NET files can be easily restricted to just certain users through secure Windows NT authentication, basic Web authentication, or client-side certificates. For additional security, all client-to-server communications can be secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Integrity An Active Server Pages application can integrate with any ODBC-compliant databases including Microsoft SQL Server? Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and DB2 databases. Any OLE 2 application, such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Excel, can also be scripted to access or process information. You can also write components to access online data feeds and legacy mainframes.
  • ISAPI Application ISAPI applications require all of the programming and layout to be contained in a .dll file written in C++. ISAPI applications are thus more difficult to create and maintain. With ASP.NET files, an HTML writer can script an external component and format the output. ASP.NET separates the layout and design from the business logic.

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