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Our ASP.NET hosting control panel is DotNetPanel

DotNetPanel has became one the primary choice for web hosting control panel. Now many web hosting company use DotNetPanel as their hosting control panel.

DotNetPanel is designed and developed using the most advanced security technologies. Without solid security, your servers, confidential information and messages are at risk. DotNetPanel uses the most advanced security technologies like asymmetric cryptography, Web Services messages signing, and process isolation to ensure that your data is always protected from unauthorized persons.

DotNetPanel Security Technologies

DotNetPanel uses the most advanced security technologies like asymmetric cryptography.

In this case, a network user receives a public and private key pair from a certificate authority. You use this key to encrypt the message, and they send it to the recipient. When the recipient gets the message, they decrypt it with their own private key obtained from the same certificate authority.

Why Choosing DotNetPanel with Us?

  • All of Windows hosting plans provided by are using DotNetPanel Control Panel
  • DotNetPanel simplifies Windows hosting management operations including the following:
    • Managing multiple servers
    • Creating shared hosting accounts
    • Robust, scalable and secure architecture
    • Simple in use
    • Consist of very useful maintenance and housekeeping tools
  • With DotNetPanel, we offer unlimited depth of reseller, which means that the reseller plan can resell the reseller plan and so on
  • Our DotNetPanel integrated with SmarterMail and SmarterStats

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