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nGallery Installation Requirements

Client needs to ensure that his hosting package does have one new MSSQL database available for the installation. Without the availability of the MSSQL database, the FREE Installation will not work and hence, your nGallery cannot be installed. It also requires Windows 2003 hosting with IIS 6 hosting compatible, Windows 2008 hosting with IIS 7.0 hosting compatible in Windows hosting plans.

Why hosting nGallery with Us?

  • nGalley allows creation and customization of Albums to contain your images
  • We support a full Web-based administration tool for managing your albums, images, comments/captions, including uploading your images for you, or bulk adding images that have been previously uploaded
  • We provide customization of the look and feel of your nGallery
  • We will Integrates with Shutterfly so that you can transfer and print images
  • We provides great customer supports in the Windows hosting and Windows reseller hosting industry
  • We provides automatic thumbnailing, and caching, of your images for faster loading
  • We will provide database for your nGallery Hosting

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